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Batley School of Art student shortlisted for award Josh Fox

Thursday 18th of June 2015

BA (Hons) Fine Art for Design student Josh Fox has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award, for works made during his course.

Josh was notified of his shortlisted entry for the prize last weekend and has been furiously preparing for the next stage of his application. The organisers of the prize informed Josh that the standard of this year’s entrants was “really very high’. As part of the shortlist of only 10 artists Josh has been invited to exhibit at Baltic 39 in Newcastle. The final judging selection of winners and announcement of prizes will take place on Thursday 2 July 2015 at the opening of the exhibition.

The Woon Foundation Prize (Sculpture and Painting) is open to all students currently in the final year of their undergraduate study within the United Kingdom. Mr Wee Teng Woon, an art collector and graduate of Northumbria University, has initiated the funding of three major prizes and discretionary consolation prizes each year valued at £40,000 through his family’s foundation. The prize was launched in 2012. The inaugural winner was Holly Hendry (graduate of The Slade School of Art). The current Fellow is Ramona Zoladek (graduate of Anglia Ruskin Cambridge School of Art).

As a shortlisted entrant Josh is now eligible for the following prizes: First Prize: The Woon Tai Jee Fellowship: a bursary of £20,000 to be utilised to pay the costs of the Fellowship at the BxNU Institute for Contemporary Art at BALTIC 39. The recipient will have access to dedicated space in the BxNU institute at BALTIC 39 for the duration of the Fellowship as they work toward a solo exhibition and publication. The winner shall also receive critical and professional development support from a mentor. The institute is the result of a collaborative partnership between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University. Second Prize: Lim Ai Fang Art Prize of £9,000 Third Prize: Cheong Kam Hee Art Prize of £6,000

Eve Gray Course Leader BA(Hons) Fine Art for Design said “ This is an unbelievable and highly prestigious opportunity for Josh. Even to be shortlisted is testament to the work he has made during his undergraduate studies on the programme. Josh is a very unassuming student and has quietly and diligently developed a sculptural practice that is highly evocative of his own personal experiences. Josh has lived with uncontrolled, unpredictable cryptogenic epilepsy since the age of five. His sculptural language employs visual metaphors to externally communicate the instability of neurological conditions. The use of materials echoes the confusion and disorientation that he experiences on a daily basis.

Josh will be frantically travelling between Newcastle and London in early July to both participate in the Woon Foundation exhibition and Free Range 2015, where he will be exhibiting with his peers at their London Show entitled: Closer. This recognition for Josh’s work is more than he thought possible and it is a wonderful opportunity as he enters his professional life as an artist.

On behalf of his peers, BA(Hons) Fine Art for Design, Batley School of Art, Kirklees College and of course myself, I would like to wish Josh all the luck in the world for his forthcoming exhibition at Baltic 39”.


Batley School of Art student shortlisted for Woon Foundation Prize